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Hello and welcome to Dereistic's news from 2000.




Dereistic's next show is at Fitzgerald's on Dec. 28, 2000. Hope to see evreyone there. It is an all age show so everyone needs to show up. Dan's bio has been updated.


The pictures from the December 8, 2000 Fitzgerald's show have been added. (Go check them out on the  pic's page.)


The Fitzgerald's show was awesome! Dereistic would like to thank Lara from fitz. If anybody knows who Lara is Dereistic would like for you to thank her and tell her how cool she is everytime you see her. Alright Dereitic has some more exciting news. They have three upcoming shows. First at the Oven on Dec. 16, 2000, second one at FITZGERALD'S on Dec. 28, 2000 and the third one at THE SIDECAR PUB on Jan. 19, 2000. (Check the show page for more details.)


Dereistic has a show with GIVEN at FITZGERALD'S on DECEMBER 8, 2000. This is an all age show and they expect everyone and there momma's to be there! SEE YOU THERE. (Check the show page for more details)


The Ravens way show was cancelled. Dereistic found out the day of the show when they called and asked to see what time they needed to be there to unload and that was when the band was told the news.. Sorry everyone! But for some good news the Fitzgerald pictures have been added to the web site. So go check them out! Don't forget about the show at the Oven on Dec. 16, 2000.


The Fitzgerald's show last night was awesome! Dereistic would like to thank everyone one that came out. The show was very successful. Dereistic has a show at the Oven on December 16, 2000. We would like to see the same support we saw at the fitz show and much more. Pictures from this show should be up soon.


DEREISTIC has another show on December 16, 2000 at the Oven. This is an all age show. So we hope to see everyone there. Don't forget about the show at FITZGERALD'S on Nov. 21, 2000.


James is no longer in Dereistic. After the band talked, James decided that his style of music and the rest of the band's style of music were not the same. So Dereistic picked up a new guitarist with the same style and taste as the rest of the band. Dereistic would like to officially welcome Dan Martino to the band. (You might remember Dan from Octane.) Dereistic has already started practicing with Dan and hope to have him ready for the upcoming shows this month. (Dan's bio page has been added.)


The show last night was awesome! There was a large crowd and a huge pit. Dereistic was very happy with that show and would like to thank FAIL and DROPSTAR! Dereistic has two more upcoming shows this month the first one at Fitzgerald's on Nov. 21, 2000 and the second one at the Ravens way club house on Nov. 25, 2000.


Dereistic has a show at FITZGERALD'S Nov. 21, 2000. This is an all aged show, so everyone can go! Schedule of work or do what ever you have to do, to not miss this show!


The show at Greek Tony's was awesome! There was a lot of people there and it was a lot of fun! Pictures from the last sidecar pub show have been posted. (Check them out on the picture page) Pictures from the October 6, 2000 Greek Tony show will be added soon.  


The Sidecar show went great! Pictures from that show should be up soon!


Pictures from the September 13, 2000 Greek Tony's show have been added.. Go check them out!


Dereistic has 2 more shows added to the list. Greek Tony's on October 6, 2000 and also Sidecar Pub on November 4, 2000. Dereistic's show last night was awesome. We saw a lot of new faces in the crowd. We hope to see all the same support and much, much, more at the upcoming shows.


Dereistic's show went great and they would like to thank everyone that came out and supported them.


Dereistic has a new show September 13th at GREEK TONY's, it is an all ages so everyone can come check them out! (Check out the show page for more details.)


Dereistic's stickers have arrived and anybody that would like one to put on their car can have one! (Check out the merchandise page for more details)


Dereistic now has t-shirts! You can purchase one of these shirts at their shows. (Check the merchandise page for more details.) James' bio was also added today. (Go check it out.)


Dereistic has a new addition to their band. James Pound will be playing guitar with the band. They hope that James will be ready to play the first couple of shows in September, but he will be ready for sure for the one at the end of the month in September. Dereistic also is playing another show on SEPTEMBER 16, 2000 at SHARKY'S. (Check out the show page for more details.)


The August 4th pictures have arrived and are now on the picture page.  Dereistic also has two upcoming shows at the Sidecar Pub. The First on September 7, 2000 and the second on September 30, 2000. (Check out the show page for more details.)


...more pictures. Sorry none from the last show but those will be up soon.


Dereistic's show went great. We are glad to see more people out supporting them and hope to see more at future shows. Dereistic can now be found on Check them out and vote for them maybe someday they will be on the show. Some lyrics and pictures have been added. Come back soon to see pictures from there last show.


Travis's bio has finally been added. That's all for the bio's now. Check back soon for pictures and lyrics.


Jason's bio has been added check back soon for more updates.


Check out Dereistic's very own online radio station! (click on sounds)


The merchandise, sound, and little more of the bio pages have been updated. Pictures and lyrics coming soon!


Dereistic's Web page has been published! (Don't forget to add it to your favorite places.) Dereistic has previously recorded a live CD. (More information about that on the merchandise page.) Dereistic has a show at the Sidecar Pub, August 4th, 2000. (Check out all the information on the shows page or visit Sidecar Pub's website.) Thank you for visiting the new web page. Contact Dereistic, for show information, or if your in a band and want to play a shows with Dereistic. Come back soon for more updates on news and upcoming shows. Please join our mailing list and sign and view what others have to say in the guest book. Merchandise, Lyrics, sound, pictures and the rest of the biography pages will be updated soon!