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Local Bands: Local Clubs: Other:
Fail Sidecar Pub: 11202 Huffmeister, Houston, TX 281-807-4040 Houston Scene
Sealed System Contained Fitzgerald's: 2706 White Oak, Houston, TX 713-862-4210 Kill Fred Durst
Given The Oven: 403 Westheimer, Houston, TX, 713-874-1100 Houston Straightedge and Hardcore
Lower Emo's Alternative Lounge: 2700 Albany, Houston, TX 713-523-8503 TXHC Mailing List
Faceplant Groovy Chameleon Club: 923 W. 34th, Houston, TX 713-426-1154 Vinal Edge
Eye Against The Honey Pot: 8730 N. Houston-Rosslyn, Houston, TX 713-460-0075 Diamondhead Records
The_Maria_Project Instant Karma: 1617 Richmond, Houston TX 713-528-3545
S.o.s. Koozie's: 7337 Alabonson Rd., Houston TX 713-466-5637 UBL
Four Last Concert Cafe: 1403 Nance, Houston TX 713-226-8563
Lowgear Mary Jane's: 4216 Washington Ave., Houston, TX 713-869-JANE
Feinx TX Mausoleum: 411 Westheimer, Houston TX, 713-526-4648
Will To Live O'Donnell's: 108 E. Edgebrook, Houston, TX, 713-944-1137
Finer Truth Outback Pub: 3100 Fountainveiw, Houston, TX, 713-780-2323
Employer, Employee Crooked Ferret: 11835 Jones Rd., Houston, TX 281-894-0055
Deep Peck's: 2395-B S. Hwy. 6, Houston, TX, 281-497-4202
Point Four Rudyard's British Pub: 2010 Waugh, Houston, TX, 713-521-0521
The Molested Sansone's: 14144 Westheimer, Houston, TX, 281-558-4545
I-45 Seabrook Beach Club: 3345 Nasa Rd. 1, Houston, Tx, 281-326-5819  
Dinosaur Salad Sunset Club: 9953 Long Point, Houston, TX 713-468-0096

The Tie That Binds

Timber Wolf Pub: 2511 Bissonet, Houston, TX 713-526-1750
Thanx But No Thanx The Brewery: 6224 Richmond, Houston, TX 713-953-0101
Blue October Cardi's: 9301 Bissonet, Houston, TX, 713-270-0051
Next To Nothing Club 9406: 9406 Spencer Hwy. Houston TX, 281-476-9439
Crash81 The Engine Room: 1515 Pease St., Houston, TX, 713-528-3545
Mr. Plow Forgetta Bout It: 13245 Jones Rd. @ Grant, Houston, TX 281-807-4116
Rag Tag Inner Sanctum: 1815 Washington Ave. Houston, TX, 713-880-1478
Porno Villain Numbers: 300 Westheimer, Houston TX, 713-526-6551
Brokin Satellite Lounge: 3616 Washington Ave. Houston, TX, 713-896-COOL
Urban Underground: 3505 Alemda, Houston, TX. 713-807-9981
Sharky's: 544 West Nasa Rd. 1 Houston TX. 281-338-2324
Greek Tony's:                 16140 Kuykendahl Road
at: Fm 1960 Street
Houston TX. 77068 281-440-0770

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