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Name: Jesse Lee Sherline     

    Birth Date: July 7, 1981

  Birth place: Dallas, Texas

  Where I grew up: Houston, Texas, United States Of America, North America, Earth, Milky way.

  Age: 19 years old

  Influences: Pantara, Ozzy, Guns & Roses, Metallic, Terminally Ill, Lower, Frantic Mary, Steven Weatherell taught me everything I know and much, much more. THANK YOU for everything, Noah, Josh & Matt Sherline, Doyle Odem. Shout outs: Steven (you know who you are), Dan the man, Matt Pink, Ramzi, Ryan Odem, Doyle (the one and only), Brandon Thompson, James Pound, Bobby M. (sorry don't know how to spell it). Bryan West, Mike McCurray, Jermey Quijano, Devon Raney (who are you again), Jasmine Prendergast, Vera  Wheller, Courtney Creswell, Haley Hoskinson, All my family (to many to name), Harvey English, Justin Majors, Jenna Cunningham, Cory Derden (Jenna's Bitch,.....) DROPSTAR, Terminally Ill, Lower, Eye Against, Given, Face Plant, I-45, Octane, Mr. Plow, Fail, SOS, Sealed System Contained (What the hell does that mean Ryan?), Entrust, Dinosaur Salad, Taste of Garlic, Fenix TX, and of course all of my former band members if I haven't listed.

  I thank: Devon, my family, Jason, Chris, Travis, Dan and their family's too,  Steven Weatherell (you know why), Sidecar Pub, Lara from Fitzgerald's, All the local bands in the world especially the ones here in Houston, shows would not be that much fun by our selves. All the fans and everyone else that supports us. And everyone else that I should have added, email the band and I will add you, sorry about that. THANK YOU!