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NAME: Dan Martino



Where I grew up: Houston, TX

Birth Date: Sept. 11, 1982

Influences: Pantera, System of a Down, Taproot, Korn, SlipKnot, Snot, Max Cavalara, Sublime.
Shout outs: Fail, Given, Lower, Will to Live, Finer Truth and any of the other kick ass Houston Locals. 
I thank: All the people that have helped along the way, every Dereista-Freak out there, the people giving it all in the pit, sex, drugs and rock and roll, guitar, women, my bad ass band bitches, Boomers, Digitech, my past lives for allowing me to be who I am today, Hammer, Trojan, DreadHead HQ, Lara and Fitzgerald's, Peron and The Sidecar Pub, myself, The 5 leaf clovers all over the world, Bob Marley, and if I forgot you, your name goes here____________________.