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    Dereistic was formed in late 1999 by Chris and Jason.  They looked around for a bassist and soon after Jesse showed up.  The band then went through several drummers trying to find one that fit their style and needs. Then in April of 2000, Travis came along. The band then later on decided to look around for a second guitar player and in early August 2000 to early November 2000, James Pound was in the band. Then after James, they now have Dan Martino who joined early November 2000. They now have a full band and plenty of songs and many more in the making. The band just recently started playing shows in early May 2000.  They recorded a live CD which they are selling. (Check out the CD on the merchandise page). Their music is heavy, loud, and all original.  The band found their name by looking through a dictionary one day. It was the definition that brought the word to there attention. Thought's away from reality. The word Dereistic is a medical term and can be found in most medical dictionaries.

Jesse Sherline - (click here): I got my bass on my birthday in 1994. I have been in many bands with a lot of my friends. Some of which are life long friends. Recently before Dereistic my band broke up and that is how I came along to this one when Jason and Chris asked me to come jam with them.

Chris Bias - (click here): I got my first guitar when I was about twelve years old. At first I just played by ear to some of my favorite cd's. Then I decided to take guitar lessons, but that didn't last very long because I got bored with them. So I went back to playing to my favorite cd's. After a while I started to make up songs of my own. Then somehow I met up with Jason and got him to put lyrics to the music I had written. And after that we decided to put a band together. At first we had this one drummer who always whined about everything. And when Jesse joined the band, we kind of had a little meeting and decided to kick the guy out. And sure enough, right after we kicked him out we got a new drummer, Travis, and started playing shows and writing better songs. And we went on from there, writing more and more songs.

Jason Garcia - (click here): Chris Bias and I started playing together in the middle of 99, in the beginning we had many creative differences until we learned what each other was capable of, and when to push each other. When we learned this, is when our style was developed. Using background influences from bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Sepultura, and Slipknot, we progressed to develop our own blend of metal, hardcore, and speed. As this developed the band was also completed with the addition of Jesse Sherline, and Travis Rasco.

Travis Rasco - (click here): I knew I wanted to play the drums when I heard my first heavy metal song, "Enter Sandman," that changed me. I spent the next two years playing air drums with my Mom's chop sticks and clothes hangers on my couch. My friends and I wanted to put together a band but we had no drums. I got my first drum set for my 15th birthday. I came home and there it was, a black S series drum set in my bedroom. I was like KICK ASS!!!! The first night I taught my self, "Devils Dance," by Metallica. Ever since then I've been progressing everyday. I played everyday for two hours or so, playing CD's like Motley Crue, Guns 'n Rose's, Metallica, Pantera, etc. Lars Ulrick is just the best drummer in the world. Tommy Lee, Vinnie Paul are  bad asses, and Dave Grohl is awesome too. The guys from Ozzy are also cool. I love music, music is my life and I hope I share my music with the whole world for a long long time.

Dan Martino - "I first started playing guitar when I was 12. The only things ever shown to me on guitar were a couple of scales. Later I started playing along with Tapes and CD's, figuring out the Riffs of other people. After jamming with a couple bands I found my way into Dereistic..."